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Our daughter thoroughly enjoyed camp this (residential Session 2) week. Her only complaint was that time flew by too fast. We will definitely be back next year and she is bringing more of her friends. Thanks for taking the time to invest in these kids who truly love the game.

Stacie Wagner


If you are looking for the right summer soccer camp for your children then I highly recommend the Shamrock Soccer Summer Camps! This was our 4th year attending, and I will continue to attend every summer. 6 out of our 7 children have attended multiple sessions (day camp, commuter, and residential) along with bringing several of their soccer friends with us from Savannah. We have been very pleased with the program. The coaches are highly skilled/qualified, and have been great role models for my children as they either coach college soccer (Coach Lynch), play college soccer, and/or return yearly themselves for the Shamrock Summer Soccer Camps. The coaching staff executes a camp program with a positive and fun atmosphere. The sessions are all age ability and skill appropriate as my children are 5, 7, 9, 12, 13, and 16yrs old. The coaches have a good vision of the game, so the sessions include a great variation of drills. My children improved with their ball handling skills, reading the field, control, first touches, defensive and offensive skills. Seeing such improvements plus having excellent organization and communication is why we decide to do multiple sessions and return yearly. Coach Lynch, Susan, and coaches thank you for making these soccer camp experiences such a great one for my children. They have improved tremendously, and have enjoyed every minute of them. Looking forward to next summer!

Brenda, Kevin, Katheryn, Chris, Matt, MaryGrace (MG),
Nicholas, Michael, and Emilye Meyers (AKA "THE MEYERS CLAN")


Shamrock Soccer Camp was our son's first true soccer experience. We were a little unsure of the time he was going to be spending out in the sun in the middle of the summer and weren't sure he was going to like it. We sent him on anyway and were pleasantly surprised when we he come day after day with a smile from ear to ear with excitement and anticipation for the next day! Shamrock was a wonderful opportunity for him to find out if soccer was for him and we are happy to say that we will not only be sending him back for years to come, but he also wants to start playing at our local club in the fall. Thanks to Coach John and the rest of the coaching staff for making this first experience one he will never forget.

Shannon and John Meyer


The Shamrock Soccer Camp is the best Camp my son has ever attended! It is fast paced and teaches skills at all levels of soccer ability, with a focus on fun and teamwork. Coach Lynch and his amazing coaching staff are professional and enthusiastic. Their love of the sport energized the campers and led to a positive and safe time for all. We can't wait to return next summer!

Elizabeth Masters


Our son (now 10) has attended Shamrock Soccer camp for the past 3 years and looks forward to it every year! He says "he would give it 5 stars out of 5". The camp is full of fun games and skill learning and you can tell that the coaches not only love playing soccer but love teaching it to the kids. Our son has always done the day camp in the past but is really looking forward to doing the overnight camp this coming year so he can spend even more time playing at soccer camp!!!!

Sandra Gillespie


I would whole-heartedly recommend Shamrock Soccer Camp. My children have not only thoroughly enjoyed the camp, but their soccer skills improved as well. Every single person I encountered was incredibly friendly and helpful. The staff are well trained, responsible and a responsive group where they work not only on improving soccer skills but they also work to increase the child’s self-confidence which is one of the most valuable assets ever.

Heather Ely


Dylan had a great time being at overnight camp! Thanks for looking out for him. Our 10 year old son has enjoyed day camp with Coach Lynch in previous years. He was thrilled with the idea of overnight soccer camp this year! The coaches helped him with passing and other specific skills and they make it fun.It was structured with enough down time to recharge. It was a great experience! Dylan slept great last night!

Nicole and Paolo Pece


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